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We offer a unique, stress free, experience with casting to make finding the right voices for your characters the best it can be. Allowing you to focus on development, while we find the right voices to be selected from.

When we work with you, we get a sense of the characters through discussion and consulting. When we have a good understanding of the project and roles, we create a casting call document to go out to the voice actors. The casting call first goes through a private casting phase, where we send the document to a select few vetted voice actors on our private roster; we make sure that we only select the voice actors that best fit the voice of the role. This allows you, the director, to sort through a handful of talent (instead of hundred of auditions).


If there are a few roles that are still undecided after the private casting phase, we open the casting call to the public. This allows for more talent to audition for the project, however this can result in hundreds of auditions - most of which might not meet the brief. To save you time, we personally listen to every audition and filter through the actors, so you don't have to. We will then send you the top auditions for the selection and casting process.

We can also help manage contracts and scripts, ensure deadlines are met, as well as help direct the actors if needed. 

Not sure on how to budget for voiceover? No problem, we can also assist with budgeting out for voices in your project without sacrificing quality. 

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